Webinar on Best Practices Handbook for Solar Resource Data

Webinar on Best Practices Handbook for Solar Resource Data

Thursday, 18 February, 2021 - 16:00 to 17:30

This webinar, organized by the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), seeks to introduce a new edition of the widely used Best Practices Handbook on Solar Resource Data. It will take place on 18 February 2021 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM CET.

The first edition of the Best Practices Handbook was released in 2015 and the second edition in 2017. The third edition is being released within 3 years of the previous edition and is testament to the fact there has been significant development in the areas of solar resource, measurement, modeling forecasting and applications. 

This webinar will introduce attendees to the contents of the handbook by providing a summary introduction to all the 11 chapters. Additional presentations in this webinar will focus on new or updated chapters devoted to newer meteorological parameter, solar forecasting, measurement and modeling uncertainty and applications of solar resource data.

It will welcome the following presentations:

- Jan Remund, SME Meteotest

- Manajit Sengupta, NREL

- Stefan Wilbert, DLR - Institute of Solar Research

- Aron Habte, NREL

- Elke Lorenz, Fraunhofer ISE

- Robert Höller, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

The webinar will last 90 minutes including a dedicated Q/A session for the audience to ask questions. A recording of the webinar as well as the presentations given by the panellists will be made available online.

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